Anime sketches 3 đŸ’›

These are just random sketches I did with my pen when I was bored during lectures...  It's nowhere near perfect. But I came to like it a lot so I thought I'll share it.😝 Wondering what I should draw next...

My case of sleep paralysis

Anybody ever had a sleep paralysis before? I have asked this question so many times to so many people..but the only answer I ever get is 'Nope', 'Wat the hell is that', 'First time hearing about it'...Only one person has told me that yes she has experienced sleep paralysis. So I asked her how many... Continue Reading →

Ghosts? People are scarier!

What is going on in people's minds nowadays? I live in a colony in Mumbai. Here every building has their own car parking spaces alloted to every apartment. Last year back my family bought a new car and we parked it in our alloted place. The car is usually covered with its own car-cover. My... Continue Reading →

Anime- It’s not cartoon!!

So I'm into anime lately.. I have watched many animes like death note, FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Tokyo Ghoul,etc.. I have watched so many shoujo animes I can't even name them... I always thought animes are cartoons basically.. But then my brother introduced me to Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood which I'm in love ❀ with!  It's my... Continue Reading →

Coloréssence lipstick

Passionate Pink 7 This is also a great shade of lipstick.. It's almost the same colour as our lips. Almost. Not the exact shade. Anyway.., it's a good shade. I loved it. I sometimes use it as a blush too.. The first time I used it as a blush was when I had to go... Continue Reading →

Coloréssence lipstick

Brick red 67 This is an awesome shade of colorĂ©ssence lipstick.. It looks very red in the pic, but its not. Its a bit different red. Its a good color..,  but if you are going for a hot look😜 this is not it. I'm personally not too keen about a dark shade on lipstick.. but... Continue Reading →

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